My understanding of starting a new blog

Hi, and welcome to BSB.

“Where thou art – that – is Home.” ~ Emily Dickinson

As you can see, I haven’t even finished setting this space up yet, but here’s the gist of it: there are a butt-load of people out there who, in the 21st century, know exactly two things about science and technology, and those two things are Jack and squat.

“Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance.” ~ Confucius

That would be sort of OK with me if they lived in a hut in a rain forest somewhere, but they don’t; they live in the technology driven so-called First World, utterly surrounded by things and concepts that baffle the crap out of them – and they try to utilize things and concepts about which they only know two things…

As someone who knows enough about science and technology to be incredibly dangerous – mostly to myself, I can’t take it any more. If I encounter one more person afraid of nuclear fallout from a microwave oven, or hear one more TV / movie character say, “I hacked the cloud,” I’m going to upload a microwave oven into the cloud and kill us all!

“It would seem that you have no useful skill or talent whatsoever,” he said. “Have you thought of going into teaching?” ~ Terry Pratchett, Mort

This blog is my attempt at edumicating1 people who generally fall asleep in science class, but who actually do want to know what’s going on in that black box which is currently labelled: Jack Squat.

“I don’t like parties past 2 am. Then it’s all losers and weirdos.” ~ Paris Hilton

I also write the NedSpeak blog (when I damned well feel like it), so this blog will be written in the same manner and tone. Here’s an example of an insightful lesson about buoyancy.

I hope you enjoy learning about things and stuff here. If there’s anything sciencey you’d like me to attempt to explain, leave a comment and let me know, the curriculum is still open.

1. if you can remember what comedy sketch that’s from please leave a comment

BSB: unless otherwise indicated, all contents of this blog are copyright ©2015 W. Ned Livingston, bitches

Class Dismissed!


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